Tech Neck


In the modern digital age we are constantly connected to each other via our electronic devices. Our love of this connectivity to family, friends and the rest of the world via our smartphones, tablets and e-readers does however create a greater risk of the constant neck ache now so common it has a name; “Tech Neck.” Tech Neck is caused by the position where our shoulders are hunched forward and our neck is strained at an uncomfortable angle while we are looking down at our screens.

As we crane your neck forward to see the screen, our muscles have to tighten and strain. This phenomenon has done wonders for the neck and shoulder massage business as we all try to relax and unlock our frozen neck and shoulder muscles. Anyone who spends enough time hunched over a smartphone or a tablet in such a poor posture inevitably risks the unnecessary suffering of Teck-Neck. Constant strain on the upper body might very well also lead to major medical problems later in life.

It is surely better to prevent tech neck than to have to treat and live with it.


So what can you do? Lots of research now, such as the recent Pew Research Centre Report points to the need for us to be aware of the potential damage we are doing to our bodies more than ever. One way of eliminating Tech Neck is of course with the assistance of a tablet stand holder designed to set your device at the right height and angle so that it takes all the strain and not your body . Our most popular tablet stand, will hold your tablet at the perfect height while you sit, lie down or recline. If you prefer to read click here for the book version.

One great benefit of the Serious Tablet and Book Stands is that, while the heavy base offers an adjustable reach arm that will not tip over and will bring your device to you, extending over the edge of your furniture, it is still easy to roll around your home. The swing arm adjusts into an infinite number of positions, to get to the perfect height and angle while you lounge in bed or run on a treadmill. Make the most of the full potential of your ipad, without the strain, and free up both hands for the task in hand.